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For the purpose of redevelopment, the Society has to follow a procedural norm based on which the decision for redevelopment is finalized. The Managing Committee is required to get the structural audit carried out for procuring a Structural Audit Report for the building. As per the new Model Bye-laws Structural Audit is mandatory to be carried out by all societies once in five years in case of the structure which falls in age group of 15 to 30 years, and for the Societies whose buildings is above 30 years old, Structural Audit is required to be conducted every three years.​

An advertisement could be placed in the Local newspapers calling for quotations to carry out the Structural Audit. The criteria for giving the Structural Audit contract are decided by the Managing Committee of the Society. After short listing the quotations received based on the research carried out regarding the background of each quotation, minimum 3 quotations are finalized and presented before the General Body. The General Body then discusses these quotations and in accordance to the merits, one quotation is finalized. Once the Structural Audit is achieved it is placed before the General Body, as only the General Body, based on the findings presented by the Structural Auditor decides whether the Society should go in for general repairs or complete redevelopment.​​


·         Application or Request should be sent by minimum 25% of the members to call a special General Body meeting of the society to discuss the redevelopment of the society’s building. There is no time limit for this.

·         Within 8 days of receipt of the application from the members, the secretary should call the managing committee meeting to fix the date and time of special general body meeting to discuss about the redevelopment request received from the members.

·         Within a period of 1 month the secretary should call the General body meeting by giving 14 clear days notice.

·         Inputs, suggestions and recommendations to be submitted to the committee in writing 8 days before the date of the meeting.

·         Decisions to be taken in the special General meeting for redevelopment. The quorum should be ¾th of the total number of members of the society. In case of no quorum. The meeting should be adjourned for 8 days and further in case of no quorum the adjourned meeting will be dissolved.

·         Adjourned SGM to be conducted. If earlier SGM does not have required quorum of 3/4th members. Adjourned SGM has to be done by adjourning the original meeting for 8 days and further in case of no quorum the adjourned meeting will be dissolved.

·         The secretary should prepare the minutes of the SGM and circulate it to all members within 10 days.

·         The secretary should issue letter of appointment to the Architect/PMC within 15 days of the meeting.

·         The initial work to be carried our by the Architect / PMC. The project Report should be prepared and submitted to the committee by the Architect / pmc within 2 months from the date of their appointment.

·         The members should submit their suggestions before 8 days of the committee meeting. The secretary to send all suggestions received from the members to the Architect / PMC for their consideration, 7 days before the joint meeting.

·         The Hon. Secretary should prepare the list of the Tenders received till the last day of receipt and publish it on the Notice board. Within 15 days of the last date of the receipt of the Tenders, the secretary should call the special meeting of the managing committee.

·         Select a Developer with the help of the appointed Architect / PMC. The committee will make an application within a period of 8 days to the Registrar C.S. To appoint an Authorized officer.

·         The Hon. Secretary shall within one month of the appointment of the Authorized officer and with his permission, Fix day, Date, Time and venue of the SGM. The notice of the SGM to be issued 14 days before the date of the SGM.

·         SGM should be called to finalise the Tender. The quorum for the SGM will be 3/4th of the total number of members of the society. If no quorum. The SGM will be adjourned for 8 days. In case of no quorum for the said adjourned meeting. The same will be dissolved.

·         If there is no quorum for SGM, the subject cannot be brought before any SGM for its approval for further one year. The managing committee should make an Agreement with the Developer within one month.

·         Building plans approved by the Municipal Corporation/Competent Authority to be placed before the General body meeting.


One has to weigh the pros and cons before deciding how economical and viable the entire project of redevelopment would be. The decision for redevelopment cannot be a hasty one. A Feasibility Report is required to be achieved from the Structural Engineer, to ascertain the cost of repairs in comparison to redevelopment. One has to find out whether redevelopment is more viable and suitable to the majority of the flat owners. The findings of the Structural Engineer and his suggestion would form the basis, whether to go in for redevelopment or repairs. The General Body discusses the findings tabled by the Structural Auditor with a view to estimate the kind of expenses one would incur for either going in for general repairs or complete redevelopment. Further the Managing Committee shall appoint a "Project Manager" who would prepare a viability report as per the project taking into consideration the financial details with a comparison of the repairs and reconstruction cost. The members of the Society shall receive a copy each of this report, since their opinion and suggestion are vital for obtaining a unanimous decision on carrying out such kind of a project. The General Body after seeking a unanimous decision would appoint a Sub-Committee to look after the affairs of the redevelopments if any to be carried out. This Sub-Committee would then appoint a professional consultant to start the (paper work) process and procedure.

The Office Bearers of the Society have to follow the following steps for redeveloping their premises successfully:

  1. Redevelopment

  2. Conveyance

  3. Circulation of Structural Audit Report

  4. Starting Redevelopment

  5. Agenda for the SGM

  6. SGM for Redevelopment

  7. Permission for Re-development

  8. Feasibility Report

  9. SGM for taking Decision on Re-development

  10. Selection of Consultants

  11. Circulation of Minutes

  12. Appointment of Architect/PMC

  13. Pooling of Documents for Re-development

  14. Joint Meeting with Architect/PMC

  15. Floating of Tenders

  16. Opening of Tenders

  17. Comparison Statement

  18. Appointment of an Authorized Officer

  19. Selection of Developer/Builder

  20. Quorum for the above SGM

  21. Letter of Intent

  22. Re-development Agreement

  23. Handing over the property for redevelopment

  24. Conveyance/Occupation Certificates

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