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On the basis of revised guidelines issued by Dept. of Telecommunication, Govt. of India, for erection of Mobile Towers in the month of Sept 2012, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has also proposed to revise the policy guidelines for granting approval for erection of Mobile towers in the city of Mumbai. The said draft policy guidelines are mentioned as below.

 (A) Mandatory documents / conditions required to be complied with before granting approval / regularization of proposal.

1) Requirements as per rule 5(3) of D.C. Regulation 1991 a) Key Plan, site plan, block plan etc. b) Ownership title c) Location plan d) Plans of the proposed work

2) The covered area required on top of the terrace for antennae / dish antennae / communication tower used for Telecom (basic cellular or satellite telephone) or ITE purposes, V-Sat, Routes, Transponders or similar IT related structure or equipment, shall be limited to 20.0 Sq.Mt. as per D.C.R. 35(3)(xv). Maximum one no. of communication tower for one company.

 3) Consent from Owner/ N.O.C. from Co-op. Housing Society/ 70% consents of occupants in case of Apartment or condominium.

4) Copy of License granted by Department of Telecommunication, Govt. of India to service provider.

 5) Structural Stability Certificate from Structural Engineer having License issued by M.C.G.M. The fresh Structural stability certificate shall be insisted after every 5 years after approval at the time of renewal of proposal in case of building more than 30 years old.

6) Registered undertaking from company and owner/ society. a. That the cabin shall not be utilized for any other purpose than the cellular telecommunication system. b. That if the said activity is disconnected by the company, the said cabin shall be demolished forthwith by the company / owner/society.

 7) N.O.C. from Civil Aviation Authority if required.

8) Shall not be allowed on Schools, Colleges & Hospitals, the towers will not be allowed on Children correction homes (Balsudhrgriha), Vrudhashram and hostels / orphanage buildings for children.

9) Shall not be allowed on any adjoining building within 3m. from building of school/ colleges/ hospital/ Children hostels/ orphanage buildings and the antenna should not be directed/ positioned towards the these buildings.

10) The existing mobile antenna approved earlier on school/college & Hospital buildings shall not be renewed further after expiry of period of approval and the same shall be removed immediately.

11) The cabin may be granted on ground level. However the same shall not be allowed in compulsory open spaces.

12) N.O.C. from M.C.Z.M. Authority in case of C.R.Z. area.

13) N.O.C. from M.H.C.C. in case heritage building or precinct.

 14) N.O.C. from Estate Dept. in case of Municipal leasehold property

15) N.O.C. from M.B.R.& R.Board in case of cess property.

16) Copy of Access Service License / IP Registration Certificate from DoT shall be submitted.

17) Copy of SACFA (Standing Advisory Committee on Frequency Allocation) clearance for the said location issued by WPC wing of DoT shall be submitted.

18) Data Sheet with following information shall be submitted.

a. Name of Service provider / Infrastructure provider

b. Location

c. Tower Reference : i) Height, ii) Weight, iii) Ground / Roof top, iv) No of Antenna planned on tower.

d. At the entry to the terrace where tower is erected, a warning signboard at the entry to terrace to that effect shall be displayed.

e. The applicant shall submit the Undertaking stating that there shall be no nearby building right in front of the antenna with height comparable to the lowest antenna on tower at a distance threshold as specified below.

f. The applicant shall also undertake that the provision of mobile tower / antennas shall be incompatible with the guidelines from the DoT. If at any stage, it has been brought to the notice of M.C.G.M. by Telecommunication Enforcement Resources & Monitoring (TERM) Cell of Department of Telecommunication regarding the same, the mobile tower / antennae will liable to be removed.

19) The proposal for approval / regularization of mobile tower accepted only is all the required documents are enclosed along with the proposal. On receipt of the proposal, the same will be processed for approval as per the circular under No. CHE/23453/DP/Gen dated 24/1/2012. However, in any case the proposal shall be decided strictly within the period of 60 days.

20) There will be only two towers allowed on one building / wing of the building.

B) Fees and Premiums:

For approval / regularization of proposals of mobile tower antenna and cabin the various fees and premiums to be recovered shall be as under:

1. Lump sum deposit towards demolition charges Rs.50,000/-

 2. Premium for cabin (As commercial use) (Area of cabin x land rate x 2) divide by 4 to be paid in single installments at the time of approval.

3. Penalty for regularization = (30% X Area of cabin x land rate x2)divide by 4

4. Renewal

a. Yearly renewal charges for re validation of misc. proposal.

b. Delayed payment for re validation of misc proposal for the number of months after expiry of validity of proposal.

c. After laps of 12 months after validity of proposal, no re validation allowed and proposal shall be cancelled. However, fresh proposal can be submitted again.

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