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The duties and functions of office bearers of the society.

The Administration and Management of the Co-operative Housing Society is managed by the duly elected Managing Committee. The Committee is elected by the General members of the CHS as per the respective provisions of Bye-laws of the society.

Again the Managing Committee Members have to elect among themselves Office Bearers for the society like the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Certain responsibilities, duties and powers given to the office bearers as per the provisions of Byelaws of the society are mentioned herein under.

A.The functions of the Chairman of CHS:

The Chairman of the society shall have the power of overall superintendence control and guidance in respect of Management of the affairs of the society within the frame-work of the MCS Act 1960, MCS Rules 1961, the Rules and the Bye-laws of the society. In case of any emergency, the Chairman of the society may be competent to exercise any of the powers of the Committee. However, while doing so he shall record the reasons thereof in writing. Any decision, so taken by the Chairman of the society shall, be got ratified in the next meeting of the Committee.

Further the Chairman of the society shall conduct and preside over every Annual General Meeting, Special General Meeting and also Managing Committee Meetings. He shall have full powers to direct the Secretary regarding the agenda to be followed in meetings and also to allow or disallow any matter from being taken up in the meeting. He can debar any member from attending a meeting on account of any disciplinary action raised against the member by the General Body.

B.The functions of the Secretary of the CHS:

The Secretary has to look after day to day work and general administration of the society; such as correspondence, complaints from members, sanction of receipts and payments.

Functions of the Secretary of CHS

1.To issue Share Certificate to members within the stipulated period and the prescribed manner.

2.To deal with resignations from member including associate and nominal members.

3.To enter nominations and revocations thereof in the Nomination Register.

4.To inspect the property of the society.

5.To issue notices regarding repairs to be carried out in flats.

6.To deal with cases of expulsion of members.

7.To deal with cases of cessation of membership, including associate and nominal membership.

8.To deal with the applications for various purposes received by the society.

9.To prepare and issue demand Notices/ bills for payment of the society's charges.

10.To bring cases of defaults in payment of the society's charges to the notice of the committee.

11.To issue Letter of allotment of flats.

12.To issue Notices and Agenda of all meetings of the general body.

13.To record the minutes of all the meetings of the general body.

14.To call the first meeting of the newly constituted committee.

15.To issue notices of all the meetings of the committee after consultation with the Chairman of the society.

16.To attend every meeting of the Committee and to record minutes thereof, sign & place the same for confirmation before the next meeting of the committee.

17.To maintain account books, register and other records, unless otherwise decided by the committee.

18.To finalize account of the society in the required manner.

19.To produce records of the society before different authorities concerned with the working of the society with the consent of the Chairman.

20.To prepare the audit rectification reports in respect of audit memos received from the Statutory and Internal Auditors.

21.To bring breaches of the bye-laws by the members of their notices under instructions from the committee.

22.To discharge such other functions under the MCS Act 1960, the MCS Rules 1961 and the Bye-laws of the society and directions of the Committee and the general body meetings, as are not expressly mentioned hereinabove.

23.To place the complaint application with facts, before the Committee, in the coming meeting.

C.The functions of the Treasurer of A CHS:

To Maintain all the Account books, Statutory Registers and other records, if the Secretary fails to do the same or if the Committee so decides. To sign & issue cheques as & when required. To sign, approve & maintain the payment vouchers of the society.

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