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Property Insurance


This insurance offers risk solutions suitable to most of housing societies' insurance requirements.

  • Standard Fire and Special Perils: Covers your property against loss or damage due to

    • Fire

    • Lightning Explosion / Implosion

    • Aircraft damage

    • Riot strike and malicious damage

    • Storm, cyclone, typhoon, tempest hurricane, tornado, flood and inundation

    • Impact damage due to rail road vehicle or animal not belonging to insured, Subsidence and landslide including rockslide

    • Bursting and/or overflowing of water tanks apparatus and pipes

    • Missile testing operations

    • Leakage from automatic sprinkler installations &

    • Bush fire


You can opt for the following optional covers below:

  • Burglary: Covers all contents (covered under Standard Fire & Special perils) against Burglary or Housebreaking (theft following upon an actual forcible and violent entry of or exit from the premises), or Holdup including Robbery

  • Money in Safe: Covers loss of money (cash, bank notes, currency notes / coins, bank drafts, cheques, postal orders, money orders, treasury notes, current postage and revenue stamps) belonging to the business of the insured whilst securely kept in the insured premises and loss or damage to any safe, strong room or cash box securing money

  • Workmen's Compensation: Covers You for your liability under the Workmen's Compensation Act' 1923 and /or Fatal accidents Act'1855 and / or Common law to pay compensation to employees for bodily injury or death caused due to accidents/occupational diseases arising out of and in course of employment

  • Public liability: Protects You against your legal liability in respect of accidental bodily injury to third parties and or accidental loss and /or damage to property belonging to third parties


  • Standard fire & Special peril: Loss, destruction or damage caused by

    • War or war like operations

    • Ionizing radiations, contaminations by radioactive, nuclear fuels or waste

    • Pollution or contaminations losses

    • Losses of earnings or loss of Market

  • Burglary: Loss, Destruction or damage caused by:

    • Fire or explosions

    • Inmates or member of the insured's household or business staff

  • Money: Loss, destruction or damage caused by

    • Collusion by any employee or agent of the Insured

    • Use of keys or duplicate keys

    • Use of counterfeit money

  • Workmen's compensation: Liability arising out of:

    • Willful or intentional non compliance of any statutory provision

    • Fines, penalties, punitive and / or exemplary damages

Home Insurance

What is My Home Insurance Policy?

Home Insurance/House Insurance Policy is a service that you can purchase for your home and/or it's contents to stay protected from risks of losses or damages that may be caused to them by any unforeseen events. Certain incidents can lead to sudden and huge expenses, which you are generally not prepared for. In such instances, 'My Home-All Risk' insurance policy will safeguard you from suffering from financial setbacks at that time, ensuring complete protection to you, your family and your Home.

Why should you buy My Home Insurance Policy?

  • Home Insurance/House Insurance Policy provides coverage for losses or damages caused to properties or contents by an unfortunate event - natural and accidental

  • It is not just limited to Landlords who buy property insurance to those who have home ownership, it can also be purchased by tenants living in rented properties for their contents

  • You get the option to insure either your home or its contents, or both

  • The services stay enabled for you even when you are away from home, ensuring you have a stress free trip

  • It gives you an All risk Comprehensive Insurance coverage to secure your assets at affordable home insurance premium rates

  • You can opt for Home Insurance Policy for up to 3 years, making your policy purchase hassle-free

  • You get to avail upto 20% discount on the total premium*

Key benefits of Home Insurance Policy

  • Home Insurance/House Insurance services provide complete protection for property, contents and interests of the insured and their family members in a single policy

  • You get to opt for Fire Insurance Policy which covers the cost of replacement or repair and reconstruction of property and contents in case of damage from fire and allied perils including Earthquake and other natural perils

  • It covers your home against loss from burglary and theft

  • It also covers the contents of your home, including portable equipment, even on a worldwide basis

  • It provides cover for jewellery, valuables and works of art kept at your home

  • You get additional benefit of rent for alternate accommodation in case you have to relocate temporarily from your home due to a peril

  • Home Insurance/House Insurance Policy comes with useful add-ons to provide you with a complete protection

  • You get to opt for Property Insurance or insure only your contents, or both

  • Affordable premium and attractive rebates come with Home/House Insurance Policy

Who is eligible to buy My Home Insurance Policy?

A) Home owners who own a property which is not more than 30 years old can purchase our Home Insurance Policy

B) Tenants living in a rented accommodation, as well as others that do not have home ownership can insure their contents of the property occupied by them

Coverage under My Home Insurance Policy

  • Loss or damage to content : You will be compensated in case of loss/damage to your furniture and fixtures, electronic items, kitchen items, clothing and personal belongings as well as other products, which you have insured at the time of purchasing the policy

  • Loss or damage to portable equipment anywhere in India : We will indemnify you in respect of the accidental loss or damage to "portable equipment" anywhere in India. However, on payment of additional home insurance premium, the coverage for "portable equipment" may be extended to worldwide

  • Loss or damage to jewellery and valuables : We will indemnify you in respect of the accidental loss or damage to "jewellery and valuables" anywhere in India. However, on payment of additional home insurance premium, the coverage for "jewellery and valuables" may be extended to worldwide

  • Loss of or damage to "curios, works of art and paintings" whilst stored or lying in your Building : We will indemnify you in respect of the accidental loss or damage to "curios, works of art and paintings" whilst stored or lying in your building. The valuation of the same shall be done by the government approved valuer and approved by the insurer.

Add on covers with My Home Insurance Policy

  • Loss of Rent Cover : In case your rental property gets destroyed due to some peril, and your tenant vacates it for which you stop receiving the rent, we will indemnify you for the amount lost till the time the property remains unfit to live in

  • Temporary Resettlement cover : In case your house gets destroyed due to some peril, such as fire, and you need to move to an alternate accommodation, we will indemnify you for the transport and packing costs

  • Key and Lock Replacement cover : If your house is broken into, or the keys of your house or vehicle gets stolen, we will reimburse you the cost of the locksmith

  • ATM withdrawal Robbery cover : In case you get robbed right after you withdraw money from the ATM, we will compensate you for the amount lost due to the same

  • Lost Wallet cover : If your wallet gets lost or stolen due to some uncertainty, we will pay you the replacement cost for the same as well as the cost of application for lost papers and cards that were present in the wallet

  • Dog Insurance cover : This cover will protect you from the cost of medical expenses for any diseases or accidents your pet may contract during the insurance period

  • Public Liability cover : If you use or occupy a place for residential purposes, and someone gets injured or their property gets damaged, Public Liability cover will the cost that may be incurred to fix for those damages

  • Employee's Compensation cover : In case an employee meets with an accident and gets injured during his employment period, he will receive the compensation for the same

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